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Group Booking Terms and Conditions


A ‘Group Booking’ will be any booking of 5 or more rooms


Confirmation, Deposit and Payment

1. Name, address, phone, fax and email details where available must be provided for the group organiser and details of the group if it is an incorporated body.

2. A deposit of $50 per room must be paid upon making the booking. This may be by Direct Deposit, Credit Card, cash or cheque. A receipt and confirmation will be sent to the group organiser. If this is not received within 7 days, the group organiser should contact the motel to confirm the booking.

3. If the full deposit cannot be paid upon making the booking and is not received within 7 days thereof, the booking will be cancelled and the group organiser notified.

4. Strath Motel cannot guarantee availability of any rooms in excess of those secured by deposit.

5. Rooms vary in their configuration of beds. Group organisers must advise the desired bed configurations and rooms will be allocated accordingly wherever possible. Additional rollaway beds and cots are available.

6. The group organiser must provide written confirmation of the persons to occupy each room not less than 7 days prior to arrival, together with any specific personal requirements and any additional rollaway beds or cots required.

7. The group will be charged as a whole and not individually. Meals, phone, internet and other sundry charges will be added to the account. Any rooms which are to be individually charged, names, addresses and credit card details of the person responsible for each room must be supplied 21 days prior of the stay.

8. Full payment of your account is to be settled prior to or at the completion of the stay.

9. Accounts for payment within 7 days of stay will only be provided where a credit application has been completed and approved at the time of booking.

10. Room rates will be fixed upon payment of deposit and confirmation of booking for all stays within 6 months of that date. Room rates may vary in line with movements in our general tariffs thereafter. Prices for meals, telephone, internet and other services will be the going rates at the time of stay.

11. Strath Motel Pty Ltd Banking Details: BANK SA BSB: 105-026 ACCOUNT: 059724540. Your name as a reference.



Cancellation requests must be advised by telephone and confirmed in writing. (post, fax or email).
Unless otherwise agreed:-
1. Deposits paid are non-refundable.
2. Full room charges will apply to rooms booked and not occupied.
3. Full charges will apply to rooms cancelled within 7 days prior to planned stay.


Group Conduct and Check In/Out

1. The group organiser will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of their group.
2. Should Strath Motel Pty Ltd have any reason to believe that a guest will affect the smooth running of business, security or reputation, it has the right not to accept a guest or to terminate a guest’s stay.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, check-in is generally available from 2pm and checkout by 10.30am. Please advise approximate check-in time particularly if this is likely to be after 6.30pm.

4. A surcharge may be applied to late checkouts.



1. Strath Motel Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for the damage and safe keeping of any goods or personal property brought to the motel before, during or after the stay. The organisers should arrange their own insurance and/or security.
2. Any payment made by personal cheque will be received at the Manager’s discretion and subject to bank clearance. Any cheque not cleared by the bank must be replaced with cash or credit card payment (inclusive of any bank charges) within 24 hours of notification or the booking will be cancelled.
3. AMEX and Diners payments will incur 3.5% surcharge on the total amount of accounts. This surcharge is subject to change without notice.
4. Cots and Rollaway Beds are available at extra cost
5. Cooked and Continental breakfasts available daily to the rooms, (except Christmas Day).
6. Further information regarding room facilities attached.
7. Any accommodation specials running at the time of booking do not apply to Group Bookings.
8. Long weekends and weekends with special events in the town, a minimum of 2 night stay will be required with each room.


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